Monday, May 22, 2006

Rhetorical Criticism

Dr. Michael Bird , who always has interesting posts, discussed Paul and rhetorical criticism today. He makes a good argument in favor of a rhetorical methodology and its benefits. I needed no convincing; I had the chance to study socio-rhetorical interpretation with one of the top scholars in that field in my previous studies. Rhetoric is a great avenue to investigate, particularly in biblical studies. But not just for interpretating scripture. Whe I first began studying Rhetorical criticism several years ago, it also helped me look at my own preaching style and really helped me develop a methodology for sermon preperation. If the Paul and the writers of the Gospels used rhetorical devices as a means of persuasion, why shouldn't we also? After all, sermons are persuasive in nature; we are trying to persuade the listeners toward deeper levels of discipleship. Not to mention it also causes to really think about sermon form and flow. Hooray for rhetoric!


Blogger revabi said...

good point. I know the commentaries often make reference to the rhetorical style of Paul.
Maybe I need to go back and look at it.

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